EMG - Electromyography



JVA - Joint Vibration Analysis

EMG - Electromyography

JT-3D - Jaw Tracker


T-Scan III Occlusal Evaluation System

Pharyngometer and Rhinometer

Remmer's Ambulatory Sleep Recorder

CMT Radiography

EMG - Electromyography

Beautiful smiles and Healthy Muscles

Surface EMG is the worldwide standard method for recording muscle-specific activity in skeletal muscles. It has been proven reliable in numerous studies over many years. This information is invaluable to create beautiful dentistry that works with the each individual’s physiology for optimum results

Gain confidence by giving up HOPE?

SEMG is the only way to objectively measure the actions and reactions of the muscles of the head and neck. This provides Dr. Wiggins the ability to test the treatments and bite positions before finalizing the treatment position. With BioEMG II you can give up "HOPE" dentistry and feel more confident in your treatment.

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