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Not satisfied with the way your smile looks? Alpha Omega Dental Center, the leading Marquette, Michigan, dental provider, has all of the cosmetic dentistry solutions you need. Board-certified dental specialist Cynthia Wiggins, DDS, offers veneers, crowns, bonding, whitening, and many other services to give you impressive improvements that look very natural. Call the office to book your consultation.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q&A

How does cosmetic dentistry improve my teeth?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures at Alpha Omega Dental Center can improve the appearance of your teeth in several ways, depending on your issues and goals. Common procedures include:


Fillings treat cavities. Today, most fillings are a tooth-colored material called composite resin. This gives you the treatment you need and makes your tooth look completely natural and normal. 


Bonding is cosmetic resin material that corrects defects like mis-shapen teeth or gaps between your teeth. It hardens with blue light exposure. Bonding usually takes one appointment and doesn’t require extensive tooth preparation beforehand. 

Traditional veneers

Traditional veneers are an alternative to bonding. Veneers are generally made of porcelain or ceramic and cover the front of your teeth. They’re fabricated in a lab according to impressions the team makes of your teeth. Traditional veneers usually take two appointments and require special tooth preparation.

No-prep veneers

Lumineers® are another option among veneers. This type of veneer doesn’t require any tooth prep, and that means they leave the maximum amount of your own healthy tooth intact. Getting Lumineers generally is a faster process than with traditional veneers.


Crowns are total-coverage tooth restorations. A crown is made of gold, ceramic, or porcelain-over-gold alloy. Crowns are excellent for not only cosmetic purposes but also for strengthening your teeth or replacing missing teeth when combined with dental implants. 

The Alpha Omega Dental Center team can help you choose the ideal option to make your smile amazing.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants work as replacement tooth roots when you’ve lost a tooth. The implant holds a custom crown, which restores your full ability to chew and gives you a beautiful smile again. You can get just one implant or replace all teeth where necessary. 

What is the teeth whitening process?

Alpha Omega Dental Center offers two teeth whitening options.

Walk-out whitening

Walk-out whitening is for non-vital teeth, sometimes called dead teeth, which are darker than the others around them. This may happen when you need a root canal on one of your teeth and the tissue inside the tooth died before it was removed.  The breakdown of this tissue is what turns the tooth dark. 

After your root canal treatment, the Alpha Omega Dental Center team can use the same hole they used for the root canal to place a whitening solution. This whitens the entire tooth to match your surrounding teeth. In a week, you return for additional whitening if needed, as well as a permanent filling.

Tray whitening

Tray whitening is at-home teeth whitening with a customized mouth tray. You apply bleaching gel either twice a day or overnight. You can see impressive results in as little as one week with tray whitening. 

The Alpha Omega Dental Center team can help you choose the right teeth whitening approach for the smile you want. 

Cosmetic dentistry at Alpha Omega Dental Center can transform your smile, so don’t wait any longer. Call the office to book an appointment today.