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If you have pain, sensitivity, or inflammation of your teeth and gums, you might be a candidate for endodontics. Endodontics is the treatment of the root or roots of one of your teeth. At Alpha Omega Dental Center in Marquette, Michigan, Cynthia Wiggins, DDS, specializes in procedures that treat the structure and roots of the teeth. Book an appointment by phone or online today to protect your teeth.

Endodontics Q&A

What is endodontics?

Endodontics involves diagnosing and treating tooth pain and problems that occur inside the structure of the teeth.

The primary goal of endodontic therapy is to save your natural tooth. The team at Alpha Omega Dental Center may recommend this procedures to help you save your tooth. They consider all of your options to determine what’s best for your individual needs.

You might need endodontic therapy if you’re experiencing persistent pain in a tooth or a particular area of your gums, sensitivity to hot and cold, tenderness when chewing, or loose teeth, all of which may be caused by an infection in the root of your tooth.

What is inside the root of your tooth?

Incisors (front teeth) have a single root, whereas molars (back teeth) have more than one root. Inside each root, there can be one or more canals which the pulp of the tooth occupies.

Dental pulp contains nerves, arterioles (small blood vessels from arteries), venules (which drain into veins), lymphatic tissue, and fibrous tissue.

When bacteria gets inside the root of your tooth, the complicated dental pulp can become inflamed, infected, and painful. The first step to get rid of the this pain is a root canal procedure, a fairly common type of endodontic procedure.   A root canal procedure removes the vital tissue from the inside of the tooth, and sterilizes the space that remains.  The canal space is then filled with a material that seals it, and does not allow the bacteria to settle back in.  Your body takes care of the infection that is on the outside of the tooth after that. 

Once the root canal procedure is completed, the strength and stability of the tooth is established using a buidup and a crown.


What are the benefits of endodontics? 

With endodontic therapy, you’ll experience the best outcome since you are in the hands of a specialist. Your regular dentist can even work together with your endodontic specialist to ensure your dental care is effective, efficient, and comfortable. 

The team at Alpha Omega Dental Center is qualified to treat your traditional dental needs, as well as more complex problems. 

Whether it’s non-specific tooth pain or complications from a previous procedure, endodontic therapy can salvage your teeth and ensure excellent oral health in the long run. To book an appointment at Alpha Omega Dental Center, call the office or schedule a visit online.