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The philosophy of the Alpha Omega Dental Center is to provide exceptional, comprehensive care.  The mouth, or the parts within it, can tell you an immense amount of information IF YOU LISTEN TO IT.  The soft tissue, or pink parts, can show signs of leukemia, AIDS, yeast infections, and a compromised airway.  The teeth can tell if you have the habit of clenching, grinding, acid reflux or even opening bobby pins with your front teeth!!

We offer unique treatment options that include evaluation of the muscles of the head and neck and your sytemic symptoms.  Our goal is to make your visit as comfortable as possible, and as thorough as possible. 

Our reception area is "homey" with a fire place, comfortable chairs, and hot chocolate and coffee to warm up with. Partylite candles are used througout the office to keep the dreaded aroma that is often associated with medical offices out of the air, as well.

During your first visit, and each subsequent visit, we will take time to listen to your history, and gather the information that enables us to provide you with a more complete evaluation.  As part of your first visit with us, you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive medical and dental history. These forms are important because they help us to determine the course of your treatment. We have to know about allergies, sensitivity to anesthetics, long-term medications, etc.  This information will be updated annually as well. 

Multiple medications can cause xerostomia, or dry mouth, which can cause an increase in your rate of cavities.  Multple blood pressure medications, headaches, ED, clenching, grinding, and snoring are all often associated with a life-threatening disease process called obstructive sleep apnea - OSA.  We can help screen you for this condition, and can also help if you already have a diagnosis, but are unable to use the recommended CPAP therapy.  This help is in the form of an oral appliance that is custom fit for you. 

For your convenience we've included these forms below. Click on the links to download and print out these forms at home, where you can fill them out at your leisure and bring them with you to your first visit. Your first appointment will proceed most efficiently by having your forms completed prior to your arrival at the office.  If you are looking for solutions for problems with breathing while sleeping, including CPAP intolerance, or for pain issues such at TMJ problems, headaches, or neck aches that may be related to the position of your jaw, please click on the appropriate link and complete the associated online form.  This information is secure and only viewable by Dr. Wiggins herself.  We look forward to meeting you.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Dr. Wiggins did a thorough checkup. I feel confident that any issues will be identified & resolved. I have been going to Alpha Omega for many years"
    N. S.
  • "Dr. Wiggins knows what she is doing. She is completely professional, and does an excellent job."
  • "I and my family have been patients of Doc Wiggins for years and trust her implicitly."
    DEE L.
  • "All the staff are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Wiggins has done great work, and she has also been very helpful with warranties and things like that"
    RYAN S.
  • "Dr. Wiggins and her staff have asked me questions about my mouth and body that no other dentist has done for me."
  • "Dr. Wiggins & her staff were friendly, kind & punctual. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit & their professional care."
    KIM S.
  • "Everyone here is nice, friendly and to the point. I’ve even gotten my husband to switch over. He also enjoys getting his teeth worked on here"